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How PSIN Benefits Your Department

PSIN - Public Safety Information Network

PSIN - Feature Overview

Tailored to your needs

PSIN screens display information ranging from apparatus maintenance schedules and shift vacancies to weather radar, department notes, social media feeds and daily activities.

Real-time dispatch information

PSIN monitors can be connected with a variety of CAD software and systems to display dispatch information in real time, including a map of the location, StreetView for enhanced situational awareness, nearby fire hydrants, and the fastest route from the station.


Common Questions about PSIN And Its Capabilities

PSIN, or Public Safety Information Network, is designed to visualize internal communication content on digital signage screens at each of your department’s stations. In addition to displaying important department information, PSIN also visualizes real-time dispatch information equipped with run details, a map of the scene, nearby fire hydrants, a 360 degree Google StreetView™ loop for enhanced situational awareness as well as traffic cameras and real-time traffic overlay.
Anything that is crucial for your department. Some suggestions are department news, apparatus maintenance, daily activities, daily truck assignments, burn permits, social media (especially on screens that are visible by the public), current weather and radar, current shift, event calendar, and recent alarms.
Absolutely. PSIN works directly with your private YouTube channel. You can upload directly to YouTube and we will loop all videos in that playlist. As soon as there’s a run, the video will pause and display the dispatch information as normal. Once the alert is over, the video will resume.
Absolutely. We encourage you to utilize PSIN as a training platform - especially for video-based learning. With our easy to use playlist scheduler, you can schedule however you would like.
Yes. A weather radar of your area comes standard with PSIN. In addition to the radar, you will also have current temperature and precipitation and a handy 3-day outlook.
Of course. Part of your personal implementation consultation includes design of your specific PSIN application. We will use your logo, color scheme of your choice, define content, and set durations to your liking.
Yep. We can customize display length of your information as well as real-time dispatch information. Even the speed of the 360 degree StreetView™ animation can be customized.
Your internal communication content including scheduled training videos will be updated every 120 seconds. Radar usually every 15 minutes. Anything non-mission critical such as Facebook and Twitter feeds will be updated every hour.
Both! PSIN can display the information that is most useful to drivers or chiefs - also depending on what device you use to display it. PSIN works on large format signage screens and mobile tablets.
Absolutely. In fact, this is one of the biggest benefits of PSIN. You can relay information to all on-duty personnel at other stations, ensuring they are all aware of what's going on within the department, not just the station they are currently at.
Yes! There are different options available depending on your needs. We can help you get things organized so it neatly integrates with PSIN.
As many as you want. PSIN will be much more effective with screens strategically placed through the stations. This will make information easily accessible to make sure everyone across all stations is always up to speed.
PSIN works exclusively with Google’s Chrome OS. Regular Chromeboxes work great, same goes for newer Chromebits. For harsher environments (e.g. truck bay at very high or very low temperatures) there are even commercial-grade Chrome devices available. The interactive touch-screen application version of PSIN also runs exclusively on Chrome.
PSIN offers hardware, on-site installation (if needed), technical support, and the software subscription as a one-stop-shop. However, if you have existing digital screens and would like for us to retrofit them or you only need the software on a Chromebit, we are happy to provide that, too. Let us know what your hardware needs are, we offer our solutions at very competitive prices.
Based on our experience, a 55” commercial-grade screen works best to properly display the wealth of information. Also, crews running to the trucks don’t have time to get closer just because the screen is too small. Another option is to hang multiple screens next to each other and keep displayed information static. Please ask us for recommendations during your personal consultation and we are happy to present options.

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